• OCEANIC EXPRESS SHIP MANAGEMENT PVT LTD , IMO No. 6387922, RPSL-MUM-162157, Valid from 24/05/2023 to 24/05/2028


The framework is created to be integrated into an organisation's strategy that takes into account the requirements and potential methods of generating value for each organisational stakeholder. Our mission is to promote ethical international trade and our goal is to reshape the marine sector. Our capacity to accomplish both depends on our ability to manage ESG risks and take advantage of opportunities. Our employees work together with our clients and partners in the value chain to accomplish our ESG requirements.


Our environment, social and governance work

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Our goal is to influence the maritime sector's transition to net zero emissions and take advantage of green economic growth. Specifically, we concentrate on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, biodiversity and ecosystems, circular economy, green growth and decarbonization.

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Our goal is to establish a fun, secure workplace where no one gets hurt and where each employee is appreciated for what they do. We operate our operations in accordance with human rights and labour standards, including agreements and principles for the avoidance of child or forced labour, the minimum wage and pay, working conditions and the right to organise.

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Our ambition is to be a trustworthy, ethical and legal value chain partner. We have a strong governance and management framework in place to guarantee healthy governance of our enterprises.