• OCEANIC EXPRESS SHIP MANAGEMENT PVT LTD , IMO No. 6387922, RPSL-MUM-162157, Valid from 24/05/2023 to 24/05/2028




Oceanic Express is always on the lookout for bright and ambitious sailors. The talent and passion of our sailors is critical to our success. At Oceanic Express, we emphasize on the work culture of our floating staff. Oceanic Express looks in their floating staff the capability to be leaders with positive attitude. Together, we share a common set of values rooted in integrity and excellence.

Oceanic Express believes that our talented and devoted sailors give us tremendous advantage. To achieve this, we have in place rigorous selection and recruitment procedures with continuous focus on training and development. Oceanic Express provides a superior foundation for building a successful seafaring career – a place for our sailors to learn, to achieve and to grow. At Oceanic Express, the sailors share a sense of pride that runs throughout our company. Pride in our continued leadership in ship management and manning, and pride in working with the best on board.

Working on Bulk Carrier, Container, General Cargo, Tanker and various other types of ships including Cruise Vessels. Oceanic Express offers good carrier opportunities with fast promotions and facilities for the floating staff to call their family to sail on the ships.